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The year of firsts

This school year has been full of firsts. Just today was the first time I have seen a thunderstorm in England.

In some ways, it is fitting. I have always enjoyed the way the same world looks different after rain. Furthermore, a thunderstorm is always dynamic and sudden. As I reflect upon the BASM programme, I am reminded how things change. While at my core, I am the same, many of the changes have come from first-time experiences that were all packed into the one-year BASM programme.

Most recently, I have been working on my summer consulting project. This is the first time I have ever consulted for a company and been responsible for providing a recommendation. It is an honour to be able to walk into a company, be presented with a problem, and have management trust me to provide a recommendation. It has been a great opportunity to reflect on my coursework and develop practical skills I can use in the future. In addition to practising analytical skills, I am learning how to interact with a variety of people in a corporate environment. This will undoubtedly help me wherever I end up working in the future.

This is also the first time I have lived and worked in a foreign country. I used to daydream about the experience and wondered if it would be difficult and challenging. I have made many friends both inside and outside of my programme. I have realised that there are many similarities between people across cultures. Most people have been good-hearted. Also, by expressing a genuine interest in others, others have expressed an interest in me. This has helped me to connect and communicate across cultures, which has deepened and enriched my experience in the BASM course.

Lastly, this is the first time I have looked for jobs in a new industry. I previously worked in a management role, and now I am considering financial analysis and consulting. This programme has taught me how to analyse a company's operational and financial performance, which includes understanding the motivations of managers, employees, and shareholders. This insight gives both a depth and breadth of understanding of how a company works. Although I have not found a job yet, I am confident I will be working in a satisfying career very soon.

In all, the BASM programme has been an intensive programme that has helped me to understand better both myself and the way companies operate. I am satisfied with the course and equally satisfied with my time outside the programme. Admittedly, I would be remiss to neglect to say that this is the first time I have been to 12 countries within the course of 12 months. For the things I have learned, seen, and experienced, the BASM programme has been a worthwhile year.

The year of firsts - scenery