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The start of second semester

It's January, the start of the 2nd semester and what will be the final semester as an undergraduate here at AMBS. So far, I have very much enjoyed the holidays and the challenge of course is getting back into that routine of good focus and concentration from the onset.

My module's I picked well in advance during the 1st semester thereby I have only minor changes to make. That didn't stop me from exploring other modules even with a timetable clash, for some I decided to do half and half to experience both which inevitably led to me making a change for one module in particular. Now for books, I had to get ahead of the game doing prior research mid-December and reserving the core modules books I saw on the course outlines as well as returning the previous ones. The ones I took for the first semester essays and were of real help that I can see is being reflected on the grades I have achieved. Plus, I took them for free on loan without having to pay any money to buy a completely new one. I wouldn't shy away from going for loans instead of purchasing a book unless you are required to. Those books can be really expensive and, in my case, would mess up my budget entirely.

It's common at this stage of the academic year to fear that all internship placements and graduate schemes have been fulfilled but that's a misconception. Walking around AMBS and the University campus as a whole I am seeing many companies like PWC promoting opportunities still available and I refuse to shy away from them. The more I apply to the greater the experience I have with applications, the more I improve from them and ultimately the greater the chance of success I will have with one of them. At the same time, I am participating in many roles across the University campus such as student offer holder's day. At this early time in the semester, there's plenty of time to participate in extra-curricular activities and I have the spare capacity to do so. Not only can I add these activities to any application I apply to, some I get paid for and others I gain confidence from.