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The sprint before the finish

April was a relatively quiet month in Manchester, with most students leaving university to either return home or venture to exciting new foreign destinations. After wrapping up our last few classes in early April, I travelled to Europe with my wife for a short break. As always, travelling across the continent was an eye-opening experience; we were fortunate enough to visit three cities!

Soon after, we returned to Manchester where I continued working on a major assignment, surrounded by the quiet of a peaceful Easter break. The weather continued its eccentric behaviour, rising and falling erratically throughout the month. I did manage to sneak in another cheeky football game; Manchester United this time. Sadly they sneaked a win with two Pogba penalties!

The quiet wasn’t to last long though, we were soon packing our bags and heading off on another adventure – only to return at the close of Easter break.

Even through all the backpacking, I had to carry Alliance Manchester Business School with me wherever I travelled – assignments, due dates, and revisions are critical at this stage of the semester. With exams looming large in May, it was imperative that with all the good times we continued our academic connection. The exams run from May 15 to June 5, after which the cohort gets a well-deserved, two-week cool-down period.

Then the sprint really begins. This year, the MSc Marketing program has initiated a Group Business Project, for the first time ever, instead of the traditional dissertation as the final part of our course. We were given the option to choose our teammates — I’m proud to be working with four very capable classmates from different backgrounds, each bringing different strengths to the table. Our team is looking forward to the challenge of meeting up almost every day of a long summer and getting to know each other better than anyone else in our class through 7,000 words of debate and brainstorming.

Busy times, fun times, and the last part lies ahead. I look ahead with excitement, but also a tinge of sadness that a wonderful year is winding down to a close in a few months.