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The MBA and working in sustainability

I graduated from the Full-time MBA in 2016 and I am now working in Bangkok as Assistant Vice President in Corporate Sustainability for B.Grimm Power Plc.

For the sustainability industry, climate change is one of the major challenges. There has been increasing corporate awareness of the urgency for companies to act on climate change. This pressure comes partially from investors, to ensure companies generate sustainable returns. However, the local regulatory framework is not favourable, causing specific transition issues when compared to other countries like the UK.

My job today

My current role involves defining the group-wide sustainability strategy from its development to execution. This includes engaging with the executive level managers to get their buy in.  I lead and coordinate internally across multiple business units to introduce, drive and deploy effective sustainable business practices. In addition, I also perform formal sustainability assessments, disclosures and gap analyses of the company’s sustainability practices based on relevant international standards.

The MBA journey

Before the MBA I was working as an Investor Relations Specialist in the telecommunications sector. I made the decision to study an MBA five years into this role. After the MBA I made the switch to the utility sector, specifically in electricity, but I wanted to remain involved in sustainability development for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to make a positive impact on a large scale, and I was looking for a new challenge.
  2. Electricity utilities are among the top contributors to GHG emissions globally, which made me think it would be a good development area.

I have integrated sustainability into the company strategy, and I believe we will work towards decarbonising power generation, balancing people, planet and profit requirements. We then hope such actions will enhance other sectors’ ability to decarbonise and create an even larger impact.

Why Manchester?

I decided to study my MBA at Alliance Manchester Business School because of the learning by doing approach. I find this way of studying the most effective way for me to learn new skills. I thought this method would unlock career advancement and personal development which was crucial for me. I wanted to put theory into practice and create real impact for the companies I was working for.

Skills learnt on the MBA

Studying the MBA helped me to discover my interest in sustainability. It also gave me multiple skills that I am still using today, which include:

  • The ability to see the bigger picture
  • Problem solving and strategic thinking
  • Confidence building and professional credibility

After completing the MBA, I was given the opportunity to set up and lead a new team within corporate sustainability development. Studying the MBA definitely helped to drive this change.

To achieve sustainability growth, I need to see the bigger picture and company vision, so we are able to minimise risks and capture opportunities. From my studies on the MBA, I am able to work on this more effectively day-to-day.

My advice to anyone considering an MBA

I would highly recommend studying the MBA at Alliance Manchester Business School. It delivers significant personal development and will push you outside your comfort zone. My favourite memory from the programme is MBAT, an MBA sports tournament held in Paris. I participated in lots of sports and it was exciting and fun playing sports I never thought I would play. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and connecting with people from other schools during the tournament. For me, the IB project was the highlight of the MBA. Throughout the IB project I applied a wide range of skills that I had learnt throughout the programme, ranging from problem solving, leadership, stakeholder management with live clients and time management.

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