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The great help of the postgraduate careers service

Taking a step back, I realised how elements of what seemed a part of a natural lifestyle were blessed treasures: walking into university daily, attending lectures, holding group discussions and seminars along attending University workshops, the list goes on!

However, life doesn’t have to be all gloomy, working up a consistent routine can help you avoid being stuck in bed the whole day. My typical day in this quarantine period revolves around a workout in the morning at home, followed by a jog in the park. The rest of the day, I focus on my studies for my final exams. Although I treat myself with an hour or two of Netflix and chilling, and board games sessions with flatmates before sleeping!

With all the inconveniences around, receiving a letter of acceptance from Lloyds of London for business graduate scheme has certainly been brightest and best moment of my postgraduate degree. Considering the current employment environment, being one of the very few students to get hired by such a big firm is matter of great pride for me. This just gives me immense relief after a whole year of hard work, which included 100s of applications, typing various cover letters, practising mock interviews at the student centre, attending different companies’ online assessments. The whole Lloyds assessment experience was great. From practising assessment centres at university, to travelling to London for the real assessment centre – it was all worth the toil. This wouldn’t have been possible without the postgraduate careers service.

Having a job placement confirmed, now I aim to complete my postgraduate final exams with a distinction.

The great help of the postgraduate careers service - Board games

The great help of the postgraduate careers service - Lloyds of London