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The first month in Manchester

I am Muhammad Uneeb Altaf, a post-graduate student at Alliance MBS. I am studying MSc Management at the University of Manchester. I originate from Pakistan. Follow my blogs for more deep insight into life as a postgrad at Manchester and around Great Britain.

So September 2021 marks the month when my dire wish comes true and I fly across the continent to reach my destination i.e. Manchester. One of the vibrant cities of Great Britain. Flying away for the first time from my home country and amidst the pandemic and travel restrictions, was full of mixed emotions and feelings and heartfelt goodbyes. The travel seemed daunting and stressful, since I was flying from a red-list country, I was obligated to quarantine in a government-managed hotel. But as soon as I set foot at London Heathrow, all the stress and journey tiredness vanished, the feelings of being in the UK was exciting. After the quarantine ended, I travelled to Manchester, my final destination for the term. Arriving in Manchester was no big deal since the University had pre guided the students about the route maps and transportation to reach there. I booked my train ticket, from London Euston station to Piccadilly station. The journey to Manchester was also a memorable one, as travelling via train, passing through the lush green fields in the rainy weather, all was just perfect. I took a deep breath as I stepped out of the station waiting for the cab, I knew a new journey, full of adventures and experiences awaits. Also, I could not wait to meet my new classmates.

It’s just been a month here in Manchester and I can say that this city has a lot to offer and as a student, I am going to have a great time here during my stay. The city of Manchester is welcoming and you find a great deal of ethnic diversity and new people to meet every day and make friends with. The people are too friendly and caring. Manchester does not only have an industrial heritage, but it has advantages to offering great nightlife and archaeological features. Overall, Manchester is a busy city, every day you might find some event or social activity going on, either on campus or at the city centre. Although everything is great that this city offers, the food, social life, transport etc., the weather here is quite unpredictable, it can rain anytime even on sunny days, so an umbrella and or raincoat are a must during the commute.

The UoM has a variety of societies for all kinds of interests, surfed through student union portal, I have joined the International society as of now. This society has a lot to offer, from free weekly socials to discounted weekend day trips and other fun activities throughout the month.

The course induction included a hybrid welcome week, where we were briefed about our time at Manchester and University; the career services, societies and the course. Hence, semester one began quite as expected, with on-campus lectures delivered. The course structure and pace is well organised since it is designed for non-business background undergraduates. Being from an engineering background, the core concepts of management, i.e. accounts, business and marketing have been taught a great deal and at basic level so they are easy to comprehend.