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The final stretch

Our Easter break is over and it's this time of the year again where we are handing our last assignments in and diving deep into exams revision. I only have two exams this semester, some of my course mates have more (depends on what course units you pick for Semester 2), and they are quite nicely spread throughout the exam period. One of them is in mid-May and the other is in early June, so I am quite relaxed (as far as you can be relaxed during exam season).

My last coursework was group work for Megaprojects Leadership & Strategy. The picture above is us after we finished our presentation. The assignment was about coming up with a technological solution that would solve a current world problem and analysing it from the governance/organisational structure perspective. We did a presentation and a podcast on converting methane produced by cows and how to orchestrate different stakeholders to make it work. It may sound boring to some people but was actually quite fun in the end, especially when we were recording the podcast - I was locked out of the room when the team was recording it because I laughed too much!

May is also the start of the dissertation season. The topics were allocated in February, but we start working on dissertations officially only now. My topic is Implementing Socially Responsible Supply Chains using Industry 4.0 Technologies. Sounds quite interesting, but I am not sure where it will take me yet, will see in a couple of months. Wish me luck! Some other topics from my mates include Brexit implications on supply chains, digital change in manufacturing, sustainable supply chains in the construction industry and so on.

Now let me quickly give everyone some more context and information, in case you are applying to AMBS and wondering how exams/dissertations work for Ops students. We have 2 exams seasons: 2 weeks in January and 4 weeks in May-June. If you fail any, you have a chance to retake them in August but with a mark deduction. For dissertations, we submit our topic choices in February and get allocated a supervisor shortly after. You can also propose your own topic and seek a suitable supervisor yourself. We have an introductory meeting with a supervisor in March, but the official dissertation season starts in May, with the deadline in the first week of September.

And a little disclaimer just in case :) Don't take my word for it and rely on what I said, it is for your information only and can obviously change year on year.