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The final exams for second semester

The final exams for the second semester are taking place this month and many assignments were due this month as well.

As much as I hate to admit this, I didn’t work as hard as my first semester as I was busy building bonds with my roommates who I adore very much. Therefore, the fact that the exam was getting close really added to my anxiety because I had so many lectures and reading materials to catch up with. I am not proud of this, really. I started to revise a month before the exam and worked hard during this month. By the time when exams finally came, I felt prepared and cannot wait to smash them all as soon as possible. I was really excited to see the exam paper and the questions they had (I know, this sounds weird). It turned out pretty well, I think.

I didn’t spend too much time writing the answers for each exam because I had a solid understanding of what each topic the question was about. I had four open-book exams, each of which lasted 7 days because of the temporary school policy due to Covid-19. In between each exam, I had time to take a short break and go out with friends for food or shopping. Overall, to be fair, it was a nice experience to take the open-book essay-based exams. The picture below is my daily essential during the exam period: a big flask containing a 500ml hot coffee latte; a plate of boring egg and toasts as a snack or breakfast; a Manchester environmental friendly cup for the coffee; my laptop, and the hand sanitiser.

The government also lifted the lockdown restriction this month. Even though I didn’t go out that much this month due to the exam, I went out to my favourite coffee shop in the Northern Quarter after I finished my exam. It felt so good to be able to sit inside the coffee shop (my favourite thing to do to spend time for myself) and just read or use my laptop. The weather in Manchester got really nice too. It was 22 degrees Celsius outside at midday. It was so very hot that I bought myself a mini fan to cool my body. Also, the day goes longer. The sun usually sets around 9 recently. I personally love daytime more than nighttime, so the longer day really is one of my favourite things about living in England.

A selection of images from her Ting-Chun Lin's adventures in Manchester