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The Easter Break - a trip to Blackpool!

A week before our Easter break we treated ourselves to a trip to Blackpool. Thanks to our student representatives, who organised the trip (which was sponsored by the university, by the way), about 25 of us (all Ops students) had some time off together at an amusement park - Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

We started off with Ice Blast, which is where you are being ‘catapulted’ up a tower, to get us into the mood. Blackpool and the sea looked quite good from up that tower. And if you like the view, another ride that you should go for is The Big One. You travel to a 71m height and the view is just stunning (provided it isn’t foggy and you don’t just end up sitting in a cloud). Though our verdict for the best ride of the day is ICON. That is the ride they built last year and it’s just fast and cool.

There is also a ‘wet’ ride… I’ve actually been to Pleasure Beach a few years ago where I made a big mistake starting my day with Valhalla. Back then we did not really know (or more likely, did not care) about the part where loads of water get into the boat, so we became wet in the very morning and couldn’t dry off for a while because of the weather. But this time we went there just before we were supposed to go back to Manchester, so it was all good. The only bit I forgot about was how wet you get… we got soaking wet. And this is why we rode it twice (because you can’t get wetter when all of your clothes is already wet right?).

The trip was definitely a nice break from university work, but I must admit we actually had to reschedule a lecture to go there… but who wouldn’t choose an amusement park trip over a lecture?! Side note: thanks again to our lovely student reps who sorted it out and made our trip a reality. To top things up, our coach to and from Blackpool was upgraded to a VIP one for free, which was a nice surprise and made the trip even better.