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The bucket list

Today is the day that can change your whole entire life. Yes! It is TODAY that you can make a life-changing decision that will bring you one step closer to your dream.

And today I wanted to remind you about the simple truth - you have the power to become your own legend. Today you might be surrounded by the violent opposition of 'but', 'what if', 'impossible'. Whether it is external pressure like illness, lack of finances, abuse, loss of a loved one, rejection. Or pressure within yourself - fear of loss, poor self-perception, constant comparison. You should know one thing - circumstances will never be perfect, and they do not need to be. As the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius once said: "You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength."

Allowing myself to be less practical and a bit more inspirational today I have decided to compile a memo for becoming YOUR OWN LEGEND. Here are 4 easy enough yet incredibly effective steps…

  1. Strengthen your mind (positive phrases) - healthy self-perception is vital to strengthen stamina against fierce opposition from outside. Knowing what it is like to feel weak and never being enough - I found positive thinking out loud more than revolutionary. Simply make a list of encouraging and supportive statements in the first person and say them out loud. First thing in the morning when you are not yet awake when you are struggling to find the solution to a nagging problem when plans go in the completely opposite direction…repeat these statements over and over to yourself. You will see a dramatic change very soon.
  1. Expand your horizons (wildest bucket list) - speaking about your dreams is not enough - they need to be put on paper. No dream is too wild, too unreal. You are unique, as are your dreams. When your dreams are recorded on a sheet of paper - keep this in front of you and spend at least 1 hour a week to plan and explore these ideas. Make plans, research, and make it as real as possible, as if you are working towards your dreams this week.
  1. Look within yourself (5 STAR JOURNAL) - keep a record of every achievement that you have accomplished. It may be as simple as waking up at 5am, or it could be the most incredible thing that you have accomplished so far. Record every compliment no matter how simple it might have sounded, do not miss a single victory. This way your self-perception will be shaped by strong evidence of positive feedback from others.
  1. Look beyond yourself (DESTRESS) - this simply means being able to take your mind off yourself. Too often we focus on our problems and misfortunes way too much, but what actually helps is to find someone who is less fortunate than you and simply help. No need to be a hero - a simple message of encouragement is enough. My personal advice would be, set a goal to make at least 3 people smile each day.

Finally, remember this - no wind is strong enough, no barrier is high enough, no challenge is big enough, no pain is long enough to keep you away from your destiny. You have the ability to choose - choose to win!

The bucket list - Bishop Gate

The bucket list - Midland hotel

The bucket list - Manchester

The bucket list - St Peters Square