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The best thing about being on campus

Due to the Covid Pandemic, there are numerous students who chose to be studying online instead of being on campus, especially international students who might be limited due to national policy.

However, as an international student myself, I still recommend all students to be on the campus where possible, as there are so many things you could only enjoy on campus.

The first thing that attracted me when I arrived at school was the unique buildings on and around the campus. As the campus of the University of Manchester includes City, Victoria Park, and Fallowfield, which locates across the city centre, the buildings are the mixtures of modern style and old classics that could only be found in Manchester. And there are advanced facilities inside these buildings available for all students to use. Including libraries, learning commons, restaurant, lecture theatres, seminar rooms and so on, which contains everything you could potentially need during the study with your professors and peer students and when self-studying.

Inside these buildings, you could also find enormous academic and social decorations like advocating posters for different theories and promotion for various societies. You could easily find the organisation, the event that you are interested in ultimately when wandering around the campus. This information and advertisement tend to be more attractive and straightforward than browsing on a website, and these also make you feel more engaged in university life.

Being on campus is also the greatest way of networking. You could meet your professors, lecturers, tutors, classmates, and peer students everywhere on campus. Direct interaction is always the best way to enhance interpersonal skills and expand the network. Interaction with others would enrich the academic and social life, and could potentially lead to a deeper understanding of the study through cooperation.

In summary of the benefits of being on campus, it is a more engaging way of enjoying university life which brings you a sense of belonging. When you feel involved in society, you tend to contribute and concentrate more and would be able to understand and learn better. However, it is always important to keep safe before considering anything else. Wearing face masks in the public area is always required on campus, and there are hand sanitisers placed around the buildings which are recommended to be used before and after touching anything. You could get a free Covid vaccination by contacting your local GP or walking into the vaccination NHS point.

I hope you are all safe throughout your study and enjoy your unique university experience in the University of Manchester.