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The beginning of semester two

We finally survived from the exam period and now is the beginning of the second semester! And I would like to wish you a belated Chinese New Year!

Although it is not a very perfect start of the year of the rat, my hometown has started to restrict to get around and everyone in China has been asked to wear a mask to reduce the viral spreading. Yesterday, the whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang who tried to issue the first warning about the deadly coronavirus outbreak has died, he is really the hero in the age of peace. Hope he could rest in peace in heaven protecting his loved ones. And I wish everyone would be happy and healthy and the coronavirus could be under control soon.

And as for the new semester, most of my friends expressed their reluctance at the start of semester 2, while the reality is always cruel. The course selection would be start from the end of the semester 1 and closed at the end of the second week of semester 2, so it is quite a long time that allows us to decide the course selection. As mentioned in the student handbook, we are allowed to select one course unit from advanced management accounting and corporate governance and select one course unit from five courses: merger and acquisition, financial statement analysis, time series econometrics, real options and empirical finance.

And my personal suggestion is to select the elective course units according to the dissertation topic assigned to you. The dissertation topic-related information would be announced before the end of semester 1, and students of the accounting and finance programme are allowed to choose either finance or accounting topic. (The rule is to choose 4 accounting topics in the preference order or choose 6 topics with 4 in finance topics and 2 in accounting topics.) The allocation information would be published in the first week of semester 2, and it allowed us to consider the applicability of courses for the dissertation. And ideally, the dissertation would be the first practical situation that applying the knowledge learned from the course units!

And this semester, I decide to pay more attention to my future career planning, which is the part still fulfilled with uncertainty and confusion, and by then I decide to seek the help of the career service centre.