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The appeal of Manchester

Manchester is one of the liveliest and fun filling cities in the UK. It has many cultural and festive activities going around the calendar year. The city is home to one of the major Premier League football clubs (Man City and Man United) for all the football fans, with Etihad and Old Trafford stadiums in its vicinity. There is also Old Trafford cricket stadium in the Lancashire County Cricket Club, which hosts many international and domestic matches. Being a passionate cricket fan and follower I have plans to visit it to watch an international match during the summers since summers are the season for cricket in the UK.

Apart from the sports spree, the city is the host to many art galleries, museums, and renowned pubs and cafes. These places are great spots to take a day out with friends, especially on bright sunny days, because such days are occasional in Manchester since mostly it’s raining or over-casted. Outside the city are some beautiful country-sides where one could go on a day trip during weekends. I have been to Peak District and Lake District once and truly they were magnificent as sketched by an artist.

Nonetheless, the UoM campus is so huge, with the Whitworth building’s Arch the most beautiful and favourite place of mine. Oxford Road, where the main campus is situated is the hub of all fun and study activities. The sports centres, restaurants and bars, and student union, to hang out after the long tiring lectures, and libraries to look for quiet study spaces or group studies during the exams period are all nearby. AMBS has its own library and study space as well as study rooms for group coursework. With two cafeterias situated inside the building and coffee shops and restaurants like Five Guys, and Brewdog alongside the AMBS. The most favourite thing about AMBS is its locality and study space with oxford road view, which I enjoy the most, sitting there mostly with a warm cup of coffee.

Platt Field Park in Fallowfield hosts Festive events apart from being a great place for leisure activities. There have been events held such as Holi and Eid Festival alongside the grand congregation prayers. Since I was celebrating Eid for the first time away from home, my friends and I celebrated the occasion at Platt field and this was one of the most memorable events.

Overall Manchester is a special place to live in, with many part-time job roles available, places to visit, and cultural diversity. The university student union is also very energetic, international society holds various social events to meet new people and make friends with them alongside their day trips to different historical and architectural places around the UK. So far I have spent an outstanding time and infinite memories and look forward to cherishing the remainder period as a PG student.

An image showing 3 different buildings in Manchester