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That's all folks!

And so, this is the last edition of my blog. It has been a pleasure to write out my wonderful experiences over the course of the last year at the University of Manchester. I visited home for a quick break after our second semester exams ended in early June, and returned to Manchester shortly thereafter.

Campus is a lot less busy now with the undergraduates having gone home so it is a whole lot easier to make full use of the wonderful resources in place at AMBS. My team and I are working on our “Group Business Project” – a new initiative being pioneered by the MSc Marketing program to replace the traditional dissertation module. As a team, we're making good progress on our case. It is always fun to see the amazing diversity that AMBS packs together; for instance, this particular group project team can fluently speak: English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Czech! And yes, we're only five of us! Summer has got us to know each other a lot better, working in close quarters for large parts of the day.

But, my heart aches when I think about the fact that this wonderful journey is just a matter of weeks from its completion. All good things come to an end they say, and while that's true, I can't describe the extent to which I will miss and retain fond memories of my time in Manchester. I intend to return home to Dubai, where I will take my newfound academic experience to a practical level by growing my family's business.

To sign off, I'd like to share a few tips that I benefited from that I think you would too:

  1. Be open to new experiences. You will definitely find yourself in situations that are new to you, whether that's in a group project or trying a cuisine you have never previously heard of.
  2. Meet people outside of just your own class. You might spend a lot of time with your classmates by default, but there are hundreds of groups and societies to get involved with.
  3. Enjoy every moment. Whether it's the eerie cold and frighteningly short winter days or the never-ending summer ones, they are all part of this wonderful experience called Manchester.

As for us? We pass the baton on to you, the next generation of students at the University of Manchester. Do us all proud. Purple, and proud.