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Sunny days in Manchester

During the lockdown, Alice, Kaitlan, and I are trying to find something fun to do every day. I never want to go through a lockdown with anyone else. They’re my flat mates, best mates and family here. We had so much fun together.

I talked about what was like to live in Taiwan and they told me about the British culture and their fun stories. They tried to use chopsticks the first time and tried some of the crazy Asian snacks: some of the snacks make them cringe but others reminded them of British snacks with similar tastes. It’s so interesting to know that we grow up so differently, but we can still be friends and talk about everything. Even though I don’t get to travel and see more of the UK due to the lockdown, I had so much fun with them and I enjoy our conversations so much that I don’t want to trade our time together with anything else.

They made me my first roast dinner. The portion was so big that I could barely breathe after the dinner! It’s the best meal I have had since I got here. I really appreciate the effort they made to allow me to experience part of the English things. They taught me slangs - I learn new words every day!

a roast dinner

When the weather is nice, we went to the park for a picnic, snacks and drinks. One thing that I appreciate about lockdown and probably would miss the most after the end of it would be the less crowded Arndale area. I enjoy it the most when it’s a sunny day, we just pick up some snacks at M&S and hot drinks from a coffee shop and sit on the bench outside to have a quiet afternoon. Small things like this makes me appreciate life and the friends I have more. Despite lockdown, we were content at that moment. We watched kids playing skateboard and observed people walking pass us. I guess after lockdown the Arndale area will become much busier and it wouldn’t be as easy to find a bench to sit and have moment like this.

food and a dog feeding station