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Summer in Manchester

The entire month of May was stressful due to exams. Endless discussions with course mates and night outs at the library was a daily schedule for me. But what’s kept me going is the sun! Beautiful clear skies and sun rays that light up your soul. I was in love with the weather this month.

Summertime calls for barbecue sessions! Even though all my friends were equally busy with exams, we thought of taking a day off and enjoying the sun with some yummy Indian style barbecue food. Manchester Gardens, a university accommodation has a barbecue area and residents of the accommodation can use this amazing setup. Luckily, I have a friend who stays there so we utilised this opportunity. It sure is an amazing spot, with beach chairs, tables and different kinds of grill. A truly beautiful location! Good food, beer and a lovely day, what else could one ask for? I realised this break was so important for my mental peace. It was refreshing and I could focus better on my studies.

Everyone was waiting for the exams to end, but at the same time, they were nostalgic because it is now the end of the academic year for many courses. Now, all that’s left is the dissertation. It feels like it was just yesterday when I first attended my class, met my friends. The year flew by rather quickly and I am emotional beyond words. I had to bid goodbye to my friends from undergraduate courses because they were leaving for summer break and I would probably not be here when they come back for the next academic year.

Goodbyes are the toughest, and this place is magical which makes it even more difficult! We celebrated the last day of exams in Withworth Park accommodation where a beach party was organised. Sitting in the garden devouring free burgers and ice cream, we were all talking about how our Manchester journey started and how it evolved and reached this stage.

What an amazing year it has been! And I am looking forward to more sunny days. With the dissertation work starting, I hope I can manage my time and explore the city and the rest of the UK as well.