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Salma Mossad, BSc Management (Accounting & Finance)

Salma Mossad, a BSc Management (Accounting & Finance) student, spoke to us about studying at AMBS and securing a graduate role beyond University.

1. Why did you choose to study this Undergraduate course at Alliance Manchester Business School?

I chose this course because I really liked the variety of modules it offers. I was able to undertake modules in areas such as marketing, finance, and strategy, which enabled me to expand my horizons, learn new things, and discover which areas interested me most.

2. What were you doing before your BSc?

I studied A-Levels at Egypt British International School in Egypt. I studied Economics, Business, and Arabic.

3. What is the best thing about studying at Alliance MBS?

Definitely the facilities! AMBS is located in a vibrant part of Manchester and is conveniently surrounded by many restaurants and cafes, which I have been to countless times while on campus. AMBS also has a large library for students to study, which has been great, as after finishing lectures or during timetable gaps I was able to stay there and do some work. So, it is really convenient in terms of both the educational and social aspects.

4. Have you secured a graduate job?

I have secured a Commercial Banking graduate job at Lloyds Banking Group. The location has not been confirmed yet but will likely be London.

5. What made you want to work within this field?

After completing my first year of the course, I realised I was interested in accounting and finance and really enjoyed the modules I completed in this area. This made me interested in working in the financial sector. I successfully secured a summer internship at Lloyds, and after completing it I knew this field was definitely for me. I then thankfully was offered a graduate job there.

6. When does this role begin?

26th September 2022.

7. What advice would you give to current students looking to secure graduate roles?

Firstly, I would advise students to attend careers fairs, such as the ones hosted by the university or by career networks such as Bright Network and Target Jobs. These fairs were really helpful for me, as I was able to speak to, and network with, representatives from various employers and get a feel of what those companies were like. They are a great opportunity for students to learn more about the working world and decide which fields and companies they are interested in.

Secondly, students are advised to apply early, specifically during the August/September before the start of the final year, as by doing so they’re able to complete the application process early on and can focus on their studies, and it also means they’re more likely to secure a job as a lot of companies hire on a rolling basis. Leaving applications to the last-minute means there will be more competition for a smaller number of positions, making it more difficult to secure a role.

Finally, students should learn about the application processes of the companies they’re interested in, and ideally, allocate some time during the summer to practise and prepare. For instance, they should practise solving psychometric tests, and these are provided for free by the university on a website called Graduates First, which will familiarise them with the style of tests used by companies and also enhance the speed and accuracy with which they solve. Additionally, students should also perfect their interview techniques to ensure they are confident when answering interview questions as part of the recruitment process. One way to do this is by booking mock interviews with the Careers Service, who are extremely helpful in giving pointers on how to improve.

8. What advice would you give to those considering studying at Alliance MBS?

I would advise those considering studying at AMBS to look at all the courses the School has to offer to decide which area interests them most and that they would then want to study for the next 3/4 years. The School offers a variety of courses such as IBFE, ITMB, and Management, and within these courses, there is also the opportunity to do a year in industry or a year abroad, so there are plenty of paths and prospective students should consider this when applying for and joining AMBS.