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Some tips for revision

It has been a busy and exhausting month for me. After submitting my course works, I started preparing and revising for my final exams which are around the corner. So, I am thinking of providing some revision tips.

1. Make study plans

Most people like making study plans by using a timetable while I prefer making a to-do list on the night before sleeping. I have 4 exams this semester but I decided to revise two subjects a day. Then, I will write down more details about what I am going to do for each subject. It is much more efficient to make plans on a daily basis rather than a week beforehand.

2. Organise lecture notes

Usually, my laptop and iPad are used for note-taking when I am watching lecture videos but I prefer using a traditional way to organise all my notes for revision purposes—handwriting. Although going paperless is definitely saving time, it is easier for me to memorise by writing on paper. After compiling the notes, I will highlight all the key points and read them over and over again.

3. Practice exercise questions

As Finance students, there are some courses that include calculations such as Corporate Finance and Time Series Econometrics. Therefore, practising exercise questions could reinforce and enhance your knowledge of each topic.

4. Practice past papers and mock exam

The last step for revision is to do past papers. It is inevitable that some exams are essay-based so I will try to answer the previous years’ essay questions. By doing this, I will read extra books and make notes, which might be used in real exam. In terms of the mock exam, with the changes in the exam delivery format, past papers might not be practical for revision but the mock exam will help you became more familiar with the exam format especially if the exam is time-limited.

5. Don’t study too late

Compared to last semester, the way exams are conducted has changed. Some exams are synchronous and beginning at 9 am. So, it is important to maintain a healthy study schedule during the revision period. Getting enough sleep will help you memorise and consolidate the key knowledge points and also concentrate on exams.