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Some finance tips for you

In this blog, I would like to talk about how to manage finances. This is a great concern to many students, especially for international students. Therefore, I am going to show you how I manage my money properly.

First, I would create my budget month by month. For example, I would spend about £200 on food and drinks, £100 on take-outs plus £100 on other groceries. Don’t make the budget too tight and leave some room for unexpected expenses. To save more money, I would suggest you can go to the supermarkets at night because there is a lot of cheaper foods with yellow price tags. And try to go to Tesco or Co-op instead of Marks & Spencer, because Marks & Spencer is more expensive although the food tastes better.

Second, I check if there are student discounts when I go shopping. You can get a student discount of about 10% off online or in-store. And some museums and cinemas also have student discounts. Remember to bring your student ID.

Third, I would stick to my budget. Before grocery shopping, I would make a list and stick to the list. This can not only help you stop buying unnecessary things but also help you not waste food. In addition, you can keep accounts and track your spending. At the end of the month, you know exactly where your money has been spent.

Getting a part-time job is also a good choice to make more money. You can search for jobs on official websites such as Boots, Coop or KFC, etc. It can not only make extra money but also push you to manage your time more efficiently. So it’s a win-win. But remember to stick to the working hour limitation if you are holding a student visa. More importantly, do not let the job come first instead of your study.

A lot of students would worry about whether the living costs are high in Manchester. I have spent about £300 last month excluding my rent. It’s affordable to me. Try to cook instead of eating outside as this can save you money. I have attached some photos of my spending and my cooking. I hope these can inspire you. The foods in the first photo are almost enough for me to eat for a week, so you can tell that they are not expensive. By the way, if you go to Marks & Spencer, I strongly recommend you try the bakery, and they taste so well!

A selection of food images

A selection of pastries at a local supermarket