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Societies at Alliance Manchester Business School

Whether you’re new to Manchester or an existing student, there are always opportunities to join societies, make new friends and try something new! That’s what societies are for, bringing students together with similar interests! 


Why join a society? 

Societies are key to enriching your experiences, whether academically, professionally or personally! Anything you have a passion for or hobbies, you are likely to find a society and a group of like-minded members. From cultural exchanges with the International Society to academic societies, sports, languages and more. With over 400 societies at Manchester, you’ll be sure to find a group of friends in no time. 


How did you get involved? 

I was introduced to opportunities through the Societies Fair at the start of the Semester. The Students Union website is also the perfect place to start exploring what’s available. Ask coursemates, flatmates and groups to share opportunities, or even start your own society if it doesn’t exist already! Anyone with an interest or who wants to get involved can join any society!


What are the benefits? 

There are lots of benefits to joining societies, most importantly, networking and friendships! Societies bring together people, you’ll be sure to find people who share mutual interests too. Additionally, societies provide you with opportunities to go beyond your degree programme and academics. 


What are some of the activities you get involved with? 

Each society is unique and so are its offerings for students! Commonly societies host dinners, spring balls, pub crawls, informal gatherings and more. Academic societies focus on building your employability with insights into organisations. Some even provide opportunities to volunteer, learn French or do casual activities such as bowling. At the Accounting Society Manchester, we offer activities within both social engagement and career enrichment such as ice skating, dinners, employer seminars, mock interviews and more! 


Do societies bring extra-curriculum opportunities? 

Absolutely, society opportunities and events require a committee! Roles such as Executives, VP, Treasurers and Chairs are just a few ways to contribute, develop leadership, team working and communication. Additionally, these roles contribute to your ‘step up and lead’ requirements too for Stellify! If you’re interested in the management or organisation of your favourite society, do ask and they’ll direct you towards any internal opportunities.


What is your role? 

I am currently the President of the Accounting Society Manchester. Leading an accounting society as a BSc Management student demonstrates that societies include like-minded students! I overlook a team of 15 students in creating new opportunities for our member’s university experience. That sounds challenging but being in a committee allows you to formulate a vision and drive for success. It’s all rewarding in the end, that’s why we were the national winners of Student Body of the Year for 2022 by PQMagazine.


How important is it that students get involved in any society at university? 

Incredibly important! Societies provide a whole plethora of opportunities which I’ve found more enjoyable than anticipated. From making some of the best friends to learning about my future career, societies have been a key moment for networking, sharing and engagement during my degree.  


I hope you found this blog useful! Be sure to have a look at some of the societies we have available at Manchester and look out for your invites to the Societies Fair at the beginning of each Semester! 

Hoi Kit with his friends at at Accounting society in a lecture theatre

Hoi Kit and his friends in a restaurant

The accounting society ice skating in Altrincham

Hoi Kit with his friends in the accounting society at Manchester Christmas markets

A group of students in a lecture theatre

A group of students looking at a stall at a careers fair