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Social responsibility at Alliance MBS

Social responsibility is one of the most important agendas in the world right now. There are a lot of aspects to social responsibility. For instance, global warming, poverty, cancer society and much more. As the social responsibility scholar at AMBS, I would like to share my experiences and thoughts with you. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you will have a better understanding of social responsibility and its implications.

Before coming to university, I was already active in social responsibility. My previous role as the International Prefect in high school taught me the meaningfulness of constantly giving back to our community. One of my main initiatives in high school was the lost property project. Our school always had tons of uncollected gear every year. Therefore, I decided to make a difference. We donated the uncollected items to the homeless community on behalf of our school. Our initiative was positively received and influenced those in need.

Another activity that I am most proud of was the Relay for Life fundraiser for the cancer society. My job was to promote and encourage people to participate in the event. In the end, our college was able to raise over ten thousand dollars (NZD) in total and we completed the most laps (338) at the Relay, which was very remarkable for a school of our size.

The University of Manchester provides an impressive and outstanding level of social responsibility to its students, staff, and the wider community. As the university states, it not only focuses to advance education, knowledge, and wisdom but also doing it for the good of society. The recent few years have undoubtedly been a difficult time for most of us, nevertheless, there are still problems that continue to grow. It is our opportunity to take the lead and make a difference in the world. The University of Manchester has a great platform and reputation, UoM was named the world’s number one university in THE Impact Rankings in 2021. Projects like the Ethical Grand Challenges and Addressing Inequalities in Greater Manchester, societies like the Student Action Volunteering Society are excellent ways for students to start their social responsibility journey. Together, we can be louder and more effective.

As I said before, social responsibility has become the main topic for corporations in recent years. Major companies like Apple have produced multiple commercials and an entire section of environmental focus on their website. As it has become a general trend, it is vital that students understand the significance of learning with impact, engaging both locally and globally and taking responsibility for ourselves, as well as the future generation. Companies in the future are also more likely to recruit employees with greater awareness of social and environmental issues. UoM provides great opportunities to better prepare ourselves for it and take part in serious global issues from early on. Therefore, don’t be afraid to come forward and make a difference.

The University of Manchester Old Quadrangle

Sackville Street building in Manchester