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Signing off with memories galore!

So apparently this is my last blog as a Masters student here at AMBS and it has indeed been a memorable experience.

Settling into a new country, interacting with a new set of people, studying a completely different subject were some of the overwhelming fears I had around this time last year. I am sure many of you who are reading this and are about to start their new journey in Manchester this September share similar fears or concerns. To all such friends, I can assuredly say that these were just "fears" – the reality has been quite welcoming and refreshing. Right from the Welcome Week in September to the AMBS Summer Ball last month, this place has never failed to add credits to your "memories account". Looking back, the experience here has definitely helped me grow – both at a personal and professional level. Be it developing a sense of camaraderie with people from different cultures and countries or enhancing the skill of prioritising things to get the job done or developing a sense of persistence while applying for jobs, these 10 months has taught us all. Along with gaining technical knowledge, my time here has also helped me gain better networking and communication skills. The friendships made, the professional networks formed and the knowledge gained are all here to stay and it has made me feel happy about the choice I made last year.

Signing off with memories galore! Outside entrance

The year is not finished yet for me though. I am working on my research project and have been interviewing female IT professionals in India and US to learn more about any gendered experiences at the workplace. I am also simultaneously working on completing my CIPD portfolio which we need to submit in September. Also, we are anxiously waiting for the Semester 2 exam results which should be out any time now. In addition, I also plan to enjoy the beautiful British summer by exploring new places over the summer. So, all in all, I expect the coming two months to be a roller coaster ride – an apt ending to an amazing year in Manchester. The job search which began in September last year yielded some positive results a couple of months back when I received a conditional offer of employment from a leading company in UK as a part of their HR Graduate Scheme. Now I am eagerly awaiting the results of their final security clearance and verification process (which apparently takes quite some time). So, another takeaway for all those apprehensive about job search (especially international students) is that perseverance and persistence while applying for jobs is crucial as you may face multiple rejections, but the key is to keep on applying for all available opportunities and searching for alternate plans and opportunities constantly.

Before signing off, just a word of advice for all those who will be moving to Manchester soon or are still contemplating on whether to embark on this journey. I will borrow Nike's tagline for this – "Just Do It!" – that's all I leave with you. Take the plunge and a memorable journey awaits you. I did and it truly was an amazing journey for me and so here I am now signing off with memories galore.

Signing off with memories galore! With classmates