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Semester one in review

A semester filled with lots of memories, learnings and unforgettable experiences.

My semester started with a Virtual Mad Tea with all my coursemates. I was so excited as my class represented different nationalities and mindsets, making the class lectures more exciting. It provided me with an opportunity to network and extend my connections which will help me in my professional life. The course is designed so that the assessments require practical applications of the theoretical modules. The group works were enjoyable as I got to know my classmates personally, which added more value to my Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship course. A trip to the Sharp Project, a co-working space, was organised where we had some industry interaction. For the first two months, we were introduced to different facilities provided by the university: career services, mental health support, and student services. After a month of studying and exploring this beautiful city, I realised that I had made the correct decision.

As a lot of time was spent on independent study, I could take out time to visit new places. There is nothing that you won't find here in Manchester, which makes it a student attraction apart from the reputation of the University of Manchester. Add some shopping and one-day trips to cities near Manchester and some sleepless weekends enjoying the parties in the city. That would sum up the entertainment part of my semester. I was fortunate to continue my dancing and represent Manchester at an All-UK Bollywood dance competition in London. As a student representative and a student ambassador, I have had a chance to interact with the faculty and the administration. It is assuring that they are ready to extend all the support that a student might require in their course. Getting part-time jobs in Manchester is very easy; you need to be aggressive enough in applying for the roles that suit you. Along with studies, having a part-time jobs help cover a part of the monthly expenses and give you the liberty to spend on things you love.

Early morning lectures ensured that England's cold, foggy weather welcomed me. The weather was one thing that took time to adapt to. Thanks to the hybrid delivery model of teaching, I have never missed a lecture due to adverse weather conditions. After the Christmas break and the new year celebrations came the exams and final submissions. Sleepless nights and spending the whole day at the Alan Gilbert Learning commons became quite normal. The morning breakfast after our last examination made us realise how beautiful these months have been and how lucky I was to have made a good group of friends who I know will be with me whenever I need them. This semester has had a lot for me in store, from making my passion stay alive to challenging myself and adding skills to my knowledge bank.

Looking towards to the city centre from outside the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel