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Semester one exams

There are two main highlights of my January experience in Manchester. First, the cold. It is freezing in Manchester so prepare your thick coat. Second, the exams. The semester 1 exams, unlike my undergraduate experience, were scheduled on January after Christmas and New Year's break. It is actually a good thing since it gives students a lot more opportunity to prepare beforehand. In this blog post, I would like to share a few tips to prepare for the exams, based on my personal experience.

First, pay attention to the exams outlines and tips and tricks that are usually given by the lecturers in the last classes. It is very useful to know what are the topics that are going to be asked so you can focus on studying things that are really necessary. Some courses also provide "seen exam questions", which gives students even better opportunities to prepare well-researched answers. Do some further research and readings about topics that will be examined to show the assessors that you have done the extra miles in your answers.

Second, practice from last years' exam questions that are usually available on Blackboard. It helps a lot to get the feeling of how the exams are going to be and to familiarise yourself with the type of questions. If there is an essay question, it may be useful for you to practice writing the essay in limited hours just like the exam condition. However, do not memorise the last years' exam answers as the questions are different every year.

Third, study way beforehand and don't do study at the last minute. Perhaps the best way to prepare is to manage your time wisely during the winter break so you have some time to revise for the exams. It may help to create some sort of timetable to break down the topics that you need to cover day by day and also find friends to study together. By doing so, you may not just be more well-prepared but also feel more confident in facing the exams.

That is all that I can share about my exam preparation. I hope it helps you to face the exams next year and good luck!