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Scholarships at Alliance Manchester Business School

A First-class Hons degree for Economics and Finance (BSc) and I was offered an Academic scholarship at Alliance Manchester Business school.

This was the perfect way my summer could have started. I came to Manchester high on confidence and keen to expand my knowledge in the field of Finance. Like most of you, my biggest reason to choose Manchester over other universities was its ranking, especially its employability ranking. Soon after my first couple of weeks, I realized how different this university is compared to other universities as it literally pushes you to go and apply for jobs, it pushes you to become successful whilst providing all the help in terms of cv & cover letter checks, mock assessments and video interviews. I already feel I am so far ahead to where I was at last year during this stage due to all the information and guidance, I have received from the careers team.

In terms of my lectures, I have 12 hours of lectures every week. It is pretty hectic because we have to learn as well as be on sync with applying for jobs as most deadlines generally come by end of November. What really helps to overcome the stress and acts as motivation is when you see other students working. We have a very diverse class of 70 which consists of students from China, Japan, Africa, Greece, India and Thailand. Initially, there was an evident lack of communication between the students due to cultural differences but class socials and university trip to Brathay were the perfect icebreakers for the student to feel more comfortable and started interacting with students throughout the class. Having been elected as the Student Representative for my course I believe I am particularly privileged considering I get to interact with most students on a 1-1 basis and understand their problems and thought processes. It also allows me to be a lot more social and active amongst other students.

Overall, so far, my experience in Manchester has been amazing since it’s a big city and due to the campus being quite big, there are people out and about all the time. There are events organised by student’s union on a very frequent basis and the city itself is very lively on weekends. I have made the most of the new Business school building where I spend the majority of my time during the week and it stands out compared to other buildings in terms of its facilities and infrastructure. Even though, the schedule has been very hectic I have enjoyed my first two months so far due to friends that I have made and a constant support from faculty who are there to help whenever I have needed.  I have spent the maximum time at the Business school and Alan Gilbert Learning commons which are far more developed and advanced than other buildings.