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Roadtrip to the Scottish Highlands

It has been seven months since I arrived in Manchester and didn't get a chance to see the United Kingdom's serene beauty. Now the travel restrictions in the UK have eased I did want to move out from my comfort zone and explore the scenic views the country holds. In this blog, I will share my experiences about the trip to the Highlands.

A journey of 1000+ miles in 3 days, unknown destinations, and changing cities' rules all planned under a couple of hours. Our first destination was Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. As we entered the border of Scotland near Gretna, the expectations of Scottish lands were rising. An hour later, we were passing through the beautiful villages and towns. The architecture and the smiles of the people around were warm and welcoming. After few hours of drive and de-routings (thanks to glitches in maps), we finally reached Holyrood park in Edinburgh. The trek and view from the top of the hill was altogether a wonderful experience. We moved to Portobello beach once the small walk was completed. The cold breeze near the sea with a beautiful sky, little firewood, and a hot pizza was a worthwhile moment. Once the sunset to rest, we moved to our accommodation, thinking high about the upcoming days' views.

A Scottish beach

The next destination was Wick, the northern part of highlands covering few places on the way. The walk to Cramond Island was worth the view from the top of the island. The blue sky, far land, and the shining water are a view to remember for life. On our way to Wick we saw beautiful mountains (Three sisters), valleys and sea. The journey was long, and the beautiful land was changing as we moved up the north. By the time we reached Wick, it was late, dark, and cold. Hot pizzas and warm talks ended the day the best it can be.

A view over a Scottish harbour

Our last day of the trip was mostly on the road as we had come a long distance north. After enough sleep and rest, we started our journey south. The stormy wind and rain had given us the best view of the sea. The amazing scenic beauty cannot be captured with any digital medium. We stopped at Inverness and covered few local sights, including Ness islands. As we moved to our en-route destination, Glasgow welcomed us with snowfall. The night with snow on the road, music, and talks was a journey to be remembered.

With our tired bodies and blissful memories, we finally reached Manchester the next day morning. It is always the people who travel along with us that make it cherishable how far we go. I thank all my friends who had been on this trip for the wonderful memories. Even though due to restrictions and rules we couldn't taste the delicacies of Scottish food and weren't able to view some historic places, this trip had been an amazing experience. Highly looking forward to travelling more when things get better, and more experiences opened.

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves." – Henry David Thoreau.