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Resources, free perks and freebies

I am a final year student and I have already started to be nostalgic about my time at university. 5 months until I graduate and I will no longer be a student at Manchester and that means that I have 5 more months when I can still benefit from a variety of resources that soon I will have to pay extra for.

Here are my top favourite perks that university gave me in those 4 years. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Financial Times Subscription

Yes, you saw it right. As a Business School student, the university covers your subscription to the Financial Times. This helped me a lot with my essays. On top of that FT has a great variety of topics and very well-written articles that show the most important aspects of international affairs, politics, education, sustainability movements or other fascinating topics. Don’t miss out on this. You just need to create an account with your university email.

Free UoM Stationary

Let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t want free stationary? The undergraduate office has lots of different assets that you can get: pencils, pens, bags, notebooks. Did I mention that all of them have the University of Manchester logo? So if you are not sure what to get to your friends from home, or you just don’t have enough money to buy a little souvenir, this could be your life saver. P.S. if you are lucky enough, at the end of the year, you might be able to even get a hoodie :)

Student beans, UniDays, Apple Education and all those fancy student discounts apps

Student Discount? YES PLEASE! Having a valid student ID saves you a lot of money. Download phone applications such as Student Beans or UniDays and you will always benefit from some random discounts from different brands. Who knows, maybe your favourite clothes shop has a big sale for students. Also, don’t forget! Every time you pay for something in a shop ask: “Student Discount?” you might actually be surprised how many places offer them. Who doesn’t like to save some extra pennies?

Online Journals

On a more academic note, the University of Manchester provides access to a huge number of online journals, databases and research papers. This might sound boring, but think of it. In a world where fake news is everywhere and people keep sharing so many random articles that pop on Facebook or some other social media platform, having access to such high-quality information can help you stay informed and make smart decisions.

That purple pride

Cheesy, but true! This university gave me a wonderful journey, full of tones of opportunities, amazing friends, high-quality learning and a fabulous set of memories. It is an honour to tell people that I am a University of Manchester student and it feels even better to see how people recognise the university and the amazing activities that happen around Oxford Road.