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Remote Learning in Hong Kong

Hi guys! My name is Adam and I am currently a third year student in Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB). I am originally from Hong Kong and moved to Lancaster to do my A-levels there. I chose to study ITMB because I found it really interesting how technology can be applied in a business setting and all the blooming industries that have thrived because of technology. (Not to mention, Ali is an amazing director!) My hobbies are primarily public speaking, debating and football. For all those Manchester United fans out there, do hit me up and we can go grab a drink and watch some quality games together!

As a student born and raised in Hong Kong, I took my chance to come over to the UK during my A-levels to experience a completely different living environment and lifestyle. During my first year in University of Manchester, I had an absolute blast from meeting new people in and out of my course, as well as participating in various societies and engaging in many meaningful events. Nevertheless, all of this had to come to halt last year spring when COVID hit the UK and I was “compelled” to travel back to Hong Kong in consideration of my own health and safety.

Remote Learning in Hong Kong

As many might have experienced or can imagine, remote learning was really difficult at the start, especially when it came down to exam season. Previously when there were face- to- face lessons available, it was much easier to engage with the subject at hand as I felt motivated to learn and make the most out of my time in AMBS; for remote learning, it becomes much more challenging to focus on my studies when I am constantly being tempted from all the distractions at home, not to mention the tantalizing, mouthwatering and delicious desserts my mum brings to my room from time to time!

Another obstacle that I faced during remote learning were the obvious technical difficulties that comes with it. First, the WI-FI. This was by far the most annoying aspect of remote learning, especially given all the zoom meeting I had, the constant disconnection and reconnection gradually became so big of an annoyance I started to have my lessons in the library instead.

Second, the online submissions. Though the school system is already quite reliable, it still can’t be helped that occasionally assignments cannot be submitted due to high traffic which generates even more stress to the already stressful deadlines.

Takeaways from Remote Learning

Even though it definitely took me some time to get used to the new learning mode and adapting to digital learning, I think this experience also taught me lots of valuable lessons. One of the biggest takeaways for me was time-management. Through managing the different agendas, from lectures to seminars to zoom meetings, I learnt how to prioritize tasks and monitor my progress to ensure that I can meet the deadlines without creating unnecessary stress or leaving problems to the very last minute.

Don’t get me wrong though, I would still very much prefer to study back in a face-to- face setting and meet all the lovely faces in person again soon!