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Relaxing after the exam period and welcoming a new semester

Hello everyone! After a chilly and exciting December packed with festivity vibe, we are now back to the university and most importantly- examination for the first semester.

As we are going to start a brand new semester after examination, it is important to wind down, relax and recharge after a nerve-packed period. Here are a few activities provided by the university and also my personal tips to recharge after an eventful period and get ready mentally and physically for a new beginning

Relaxation session such as mindfulness

After attending a few sessions of mindfulness at the Ali G, I found that it is a great way to relax myself and get ready for the day. According to the instructor, the main aim of mindfulness session is to let you focus on your senses and the element around you eg: sound and temperature. This helps you to shift your focus and enjoy what is around you. There are different mindfulness session with different aim from focus, wellbeing to relaxation organised by the Counselling Service of UoM and you can have a look at them here:


Semester 2 Sporticipate timetable.

I found that when I am exercising regularly, I tend to be more energised and focus. The university has provided us multiple facilities and different sports through the sporticipate scheme for free at various location. I did go to a few e.g.: swimming and really enjoy the atmosphere. Besides getting to exercise your body, you also get to meet new friends and people that are interested in the sport as well. The Sporticipate timetable for next semester has been announced on the webpage.

Short get away trip

Why not relax yourself by having a short trip and relaxing holiday with your friend? I personally like to have a slow-paced holiday where I get to travel with my friends while relaxing my mind. On the same time, you get to experience new culture and great food as well! I just went to a short trip to Faro, a small town at Portugal in the previous holiday. It really helps to ease my exam stress by a lot as I can get them off my mind for a while and refocus on them when I felt more relax and confident.

Good food

Great food is a way to repay yourself after a tiring period. The happiness food can bring is simple but great! Besides going to different restaurants to try out their dishes, I also enjoy cooking new cuisine. Treat yourself to an amazing meal to celebrate your handwork throughout semester 1.

There are definitely more ways to relax and recharge yourself after an exciting semester but do try out the above tips. A healthy body and mind will definitely bring you a great beginning of the semester 2.