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Reflections on the second semester

Classes are now officially over. It's that time of the year when you are extremely satisfied with your year’s hard work but also super emotional because you won’t be attending lectures anymore! The year sure did fly!

I was told the second semester would be tough and exciting, and it sure is! Additional to normal assignments, group presentations and exams, this semester we need to start preparing and thinking about our dissertation! Each student on the MSc Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations course is assigned a supervisor for their dissertation, and trust me it’s good to have someone guide you at every step of this extremely important part of your course.

My advice would be to discuss every small detail about your topic with your supervisor because they tell you what’s right and best for you. I really appreciate the fact that we are told to submit our dissertation proposal this semester as it gives us an ample amount of time to reflect on our topic and understand its nuances. I am at the stage where I know what needs to be done, my plan is ready, all I need to do is work on it! The dissertation has a step-by-step process that you should follow in order to complete it well before time and reflect on your research and learn from it. I am very excited to start working on my research after exams!

Assignments and part-time work at the University have kept me busy this month. I’ve been more organised this semester, given myself more time for each of the assignments and that’s definitely helped me complete them well before the deadline. My speed of writing assignments has also improved and I am proud to say that University life has taught me the art of prioritising my tasks.

Working part-time at the University, calling prospective international students and helping them clear their doubts, has been a great journey. Being an international student myself, I have been in their shoes and helping someone is truly a deed that brings a smile to my face! I would totally recommend volunteering and helping other students at the University, because these are the smallest of things that you will remember and cherish in the long run!

Oxford Road looks rather empty, and so does the University because everyone’s at the library studying for the exams! The season of long-night, extensive coffee sessions and tiring revision days are here again. All the best to me for the exams!