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Putting all my energy into the MBA

I am a chemical engineer with more than eight years’ experience working in the energy sector. Originally from Monterrey in Mexico, prior to moving to Manchester for my MBA I was living and working in Mexico City as Head of Sales in a renewable energy company. When I began my career I was working as an energy analyst within one of the biggest steel making producers in Mexico. I was responsible for implementing energy efficiency projects with the aim of reducing power, natural gas and water consumption at the manufacturing sites.

The start of my sustainability journey 

My first project working in sustainability and renewable energy was in 2013. My team approached the board with a proposal to buy power from a 252 MW windfarm in Mexico through a long-term power supply contract. The main goal was to position the steel producer as one of the leaders in sustainability among its competitors. 2013 was the year this technology really took off in Mexico and just a handful of power consumers had signed similar contracts that committed to renewable energy.

My job pre MBA 

My job immediately before I came to Manchester for the MBA was helping commercial and industrial power consumers achieve a 100% renewable energy consumption by supplying the energy from large wind and solar farms (this was something the company I was working for was developing in Mexico). With the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established in 2015 and the signing of the Paris Agreement, corporations around the world needed to pursue reducing carbon emissions. This is now possible as renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels these days.

The reasons I decided to study an MBA 

Studying an MBA was something I had been thinking about for the last five years, with the goal of becoming the head of a renewable energy company. When I researched these roles it was clear the one thing they had in common was an MBA. The skills I would learn on an MBA would help me to expand my knowledge of business and management and network with like-minded colleagues. I also wanted to change locations: as an energy expert I have a deep understanding of both regulated and deregulated markets, which together with an MBA at Alliance MBS will help me find my path to the UK and Europe’s energy market.

Why I chose Manchester 

I chose to study in Manchester after speaking with alumni who talked me through the consultancy projects which were the main reason I chose AMBS for my MBA. The Manchester Method, learning by doing alongside the real-life consultancy projects, was definitely the experience I wanted to have when studying my MBA.

The MBA so far 

I have recently completed the first project on my MBA journey, this was the not-for-profit project. I really enjoyed this as the client I was working for wanted to explore the world of impact investing. This type of investment is made with the intention of generating positive, measurable social and environmental impact. Through this I discovered many institutions such as banks, fund managers and development finance institutions are investing heavily in renewable energy contributing to the SDGs.

When I finish the MBA I want to continue working in sustainability. I want to help corporations find affordable clean energy, helping them to navigate this challenging time and bringing them closer to achieving corporate sustainability.

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