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Preparation before starting your university life in Manchester

As a student who did both undergraduate and Master's degrees in Manchester, I think I could provide some advice for you to prepare for your university life.

1. No need to pack too many things

Before I started my first year in the university, I surfed online and searched for what other people bring to the Uni. It is interesting to see that some people even took a duvet far away from China to the UK. But after I came here, I found that it is relatively convenient to get things you need. There are many Chinese and other Asian restaurants and supermarkets where you can choose. Also, you can find anything you need on Amazon and it provides a 6-month free trial Prime Student. You can get your products on the next day with free delivery. However, if some girls like using Asian skincare products, you probably need to bring some because there are not many options to choose from.

2. Don’t underestimate the cold weather in Manchester

Compared to the weather in the south of China, the weather in Manchester is getting cold much earlier. Especially when you come to the UK in September, you could wear a coat at that time. So, my suggestion is to prepare enough clothes for Autumn and Winter. But if you don’t want to bring too many clothes, you can get them after arriving here. There are many clothing and footwear retailers and the return process is quite easy.

3. Book free Airport Collection Services

Usually, the university will provide a free airport pick-up service for new international students during September. When I was a fresher, I remember that this service was only provided to new students who live in the university halls. But last year is different, the university also provided the service for students who live in other places and offer us a free taxi service. So, please have a closer look at this information before booking your flight if you want to choose this service.

4. Apply for university halls

For a new international student who knows nothing about this city. My suggestion for choosing accommodation is to apply for university halls primarily because you could meet other students who are also new to the environment and it is easier to get along with them. I made most of my college friends in Owens Park which is a student hall in Fallowfield and we are still keeping in touch. In the beginning, I heard many bad things about the hall such as the old equipment, noisy environment and its long distance to school. But eventually, I’m glad I didn’t change my halls otherwise I would not meet these wonderful people.

5. Spend more time with your family and friends

The common thing that international students will experience is homesickness. Especially some students might be the first time studying alone in an unfamiliar country and cannot go home frequently due to long distance. Although you can easily get in touch with them by using the internet, it is not always the case due to the time difference. Therefore, before coming to Manchester, you could hang out more with your family and friends and eat more Mom-cooked food.