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Postgraduate Virtual Open Day: Highlights from the student panel discussion

On Saturday 27 March we held our Postgraduate Virtual Open Day with a host of online talks and Q&As to introduce you to the Master’s options at Manchester. Alliance MBS hosted two sessions including a panel discussion with some of our current Master’s students. These are some of the insights shared by our students!

Why did you choose to study at Alliance MBS?

“The programme was quite unique, not only looking at supply chain management but also operations and project management and I think that that also provides extra skill sets that they can be really useful and distinguish myself from others when looking for a job […] That's also something about this University, is the excellent Careers Service. So actually there's a whole team within AMBS and Manchester University that's providing students guides and help on their CV, cover letters, the whole application process that really helped me. So yeah, that's why Manchester.”

Arno Bakker, Netherlands, MSc Operations, Project and Supply Management, Class of 2021

Have you done any networking this year?

“We had a chat, well, it was lecture-style really, with the Postgraduate Careers Service and they came in to do a workshop on applications and networking as well. Linkedin was the main resource that they definitely pointed towards and I actually signed up for a workshop with the Postgraduate Careers Service to talk about making my LinkedIn a bit better […] and I've been reaching out to different companies on LinkedIn mostly.

The University has just launched CareerConnect, so there's a bulletin of career vacancies and so I think after I've made more progress with my dissertation, that's definitely going to be the resource that I use the most, for networking especially.”

Molly Bennett, UK, MSc Organisational Psychology, Class of 2021

Have you joined any clubs or societies this year?

“I joined the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre Club, so for entrepreneurs, they always bring interesting speakers, real entrepreneurs, usually from AMBS who graduated two to three years ago. I also passed several rounds and was part of the football team for the University.”

Yury Benyaminov, Russia, MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, Class of 2021

Do you have any advice for prospective students who are considering applying to Alliance MBS?

"There’s the University ranking, but then the individual programme that you are in will also have its own ranking, which is a big reason I chose Manchester. I got into another school that was ranked higher, but the reason the university overall was ranked higher was because of their nursing programme not because of their International Business programme, so it's really important to pay attention to specifically what you want.

"Also city wise, another big reason I chose Manchester over London was the size of it because it's a very big city, but it's not as big as London."

Michelle Boursiquot, USA, MSc International Business and Management, Class of 2021

"It's important to have a clear picture of the things that you want to do in the future and then it will be easier to make your research of programmes. It's also important to attend events like this one where you can find out about programmes that you may not even know exist.

"Another piece of advice is to apply as soon as possible because the application and the decision processes take time and you will need to present some documents, and if the documents are not in English, you will need to translate it. Also, it's important that you visit the University website where you will find very valuable information and people that can guide you in your search. There is an active community that will answer all your questions."

Andrea Gomez, Ecuador, MSc Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis, Class of 2021

“I would recommend to reach out, there is Unibuddy where you can chat with actual students who are doing the courses you potentially want to follow so it's a way where you can directly get in contact with them. So if you have any questions or anything you want to discuss with them, I definitely recommend using that service and to try to make sure you get a real feel if this programme is right for you, because after all, that's the most important thing I believe.”

Arno Bakker, Netherlands, MSc Operations, Project and Supply Management, Class of 2021

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