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Overview of the fun things I have been getting up to during lockdown

Lockdown has been a challenging time for us all and has affected everyone in different ways. However, it is important to note that lockdown has given the chance for people to relax and do things that they may not normally do. Doing a masters at Alliance Manchester Business School can be very fast paced and it is not always easy to separate work from home life.

There are usually assignments that need doing and the summer months are particularly busier due to the dissertation period and summer exams. Lockdown has given me the chance to explore the outdoors, communicate with others through technology such as zoom and face time, and learn new things. Below are some of the new things that I have done during lockdown and some of the places that I have visited.

  1. I have learnt to cook new things. Before lockdown, I used to eat out quite a few times a week. Although, it is nice exploring all the different restaurants in Manchester, I didn't really know how to cook much at all. Whilst, I am not a great cook, I have learnt to make new things during lockdown and probably will not eat out as much as a result when restaurants start to open.
  2. I visited Mam Tor which is a beautiful hill to walk up near Castleton. The hill is quite steep but once you get to the top you can enjoy a picnic and enjoy the wonderful views. There are also some very nice surrounding areas including Buxton, Bakewell and Castleton centre which are all beautiful places to go for a walk.
  3. I have managed to read more books during lockdown. Before lockdown, I rarely read books due to always reading topics associated with my degree. The book that I have enjoyed recently is the 'Secret Barrister' and really gave me an insight into the Criminal Justice System. Reading something different and something you enjoy can really be a good way to wind down in the evenings before bed time.
  4. I have watched some new shows. Netflix is very good for a range of things to watch. I have enjoyed watching shows from different countries and a range of genres. A Finnish crime drama that I have particularly enjoyed is called Border Town which consists of a detective who is drawn into a network of disturbing murder cases.

Nevertheless, lockdown has given me a chance to do things that I wouldn't normally do. When lockdown ends, I am unsure that I will have the time to do all these things. What I believe is the most important point to take is that although this pandemic has affected everyone's lives negatively, it is also important to take positives.