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Outside of the classroom

My motto is that your university time should not only be about studying. Here is a quick list of what other things you can get involved with at AMBS:

Clubs and Societies

With over 400 societies on offer at the Students' Union, there surely will be something you'll like; even if nothing catches your eye, you can even start your own! It is a brilliant way to meet new people, stay fit and healthy, learn something new and even increase your employability skills (for example, you can run for committee positions and develop a range of soft skills).


A great way to give back to society is to volunteer. Spend some time inspiring children to go into higher education or fundraising, all while meeting new people and developing your own skills. The Students' Union provides a lot of volunteering opportunities across different areas, and there is even a Volunteers Week in February and an established student-led fundraising group called RAG (stands for "raising and giving"). By the way, this year there is a team going to Uganda to volunteer internationally and run a holiday camp for young people from there.

Get involved with activities at your School

You can become a student rep, representing the views of your course mates and making a difference to their academic experience. There are also opportunities to become a Student Ambassador, meeting prospective students and their parents and sharing your experience with them.

Trips and tours

There are a lot of day trips organised by different societies, the Students' Union, Careers Service and etc. Last year, we went to see Morrisons' manufacturing plant and visited their headquarters. Some of my friends went to different cities, like Liverpool and Cambridge (both with societies and by themselves), and we are looking to visiting another manufacturing plant, as part of our MSc course. The opportunities are limitless and it's all up to you to decide what to do and suggest where to go.

Lastly, just throw yourself at new opportunities – the worst thing is you won't like it but there is a chance you will find a new passion. At the end of the day, your university experience is not only about studying, but also about enjoying yourself and having fun.