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Online exams and Offline experiences

In this blog, I will share my experience about the online exams, pros, cons, and how I completed the exams successfully.

The complete online learning of semester 1 was a different experience compared to our classroom-style teaching. Although it’s not better, given the situation, it’s the best possible option. As exams were also scheduled online, it was a challenging task to prepare. Preparing the essays, writing course works in standard formats was a new learning experience. The good part about the open-book online exams was the application of knowledge, rather than remembering. As we had the accessibility to all the resources, the implementation of what we had learned was the primary requirement. This had helped to focus on understanding rather than remembering. The flexibility of exam timing was a huge benefit for the exams. Although it has been advised to spend no more than 3X times the regular exam time, generally, it won’t happen. This pushes us to work for long hours which is a negative aspect that has to be corrected.

Planning has helped me to give exams without last moment submissions. With so much time to complete the work, there were distractions. I had planned every day and worked through the weeks. Keeping a collection of notes from research papers, textbooks, online materials in word documents had saved a lot of time in structuring and writing the answer. Going out for a walk, listening to music, meditation, were a few of the practices that had helped me blow off steam. Snowfall during the exams was a small burst of happiness to cherish.

With all the talk about online exam experiences, I would like to mention that exams are JUST A PART of the academic curriculum. They don’t precisely replicate anyone’s capabilities or knowledge. Too much worrying or stressing about exams won’t help and instead it makes it more challenging to get through. Overall, it had been a great learning experience and I am now looking forward to semester 2 with lots of excitement. I want to end this blog with Richie Norton’s quote, “A bad day doesn’t cancel out a good life. Keep going.”

A snow covered street in the UK