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One day vacation

When the intensive first semester finished, I couldn’t be happier than that. All the exams and assignments finished on Thursday, so I got one day holiday before the second semester. As I had put off all outdoor activities in the city centre such as buying medicine from Boots, Korean food from a Korean food shop, or a frappuccino from Starbucks for one month, I decided to spend the precious one day in the city centre.

Bus routes

I live 15 minutes away from the main library by walking. It’s pretty close to the city centre, but a bit far to get there on foot. Also, the bus route is well structured in Manchester, so I enjoy taking a bus. Tickets are available on board with cash and contactless. A few options are available like one way, return way, or a one day ticket. I haven’t purchased passes as my daily route is home – the library, but they are available on this website.

This website has more information about free bus run in the city centre.

Korean food shop

There is a Korean food shop called Oseyo (‘Come’ in Korea) between the city centre and the main library. It was not a big supermarket, but there were many different types of products. It was busy as not only Koreans but also people from other countries were shopping. If you are interested in North-East Asian food or Korean food, I highly recommend visiting this shop! It belongs to H mart, so online order through the H mart website is also available.

Beautiful buildings

In 2019, when I first visited Manchester, I was overwhelmed with the beautiful architecture. Old buildings were in good condition, and people looked happy in the clean and big city. This time, the city was still beautiful although many shops were closed. I’m lucky that I can study in this advanced city where also maintain historic buildings. Once the pandemic is gone, it will turn into a shopping paradise again. Hopefully, the day comes soon.

Kimpton Clocktower Hotel with a blue sky in the background

A pastry and a Starbucks coffee in the foreground and Piccadilly Gardens in the background