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My tips for surviving the Masters year

I'm finally finding time to write this post! The past days have been very busy as I am trying to narrow down my dissertation ideas and define my research questions. The deadline for the dissertation proposal is approaching and our stress levels are reaching infinity and beyond.

Of course, let's be honest; this is not the first time. In fact, the whole year of a Master's degree can be one of the most exciting but, at the same time, most stressful experiences of your life.

While enjoying the MSc life, making friends and evolving personally and professionally, deadlines will constantly chase after you like angry birds and there may be times that you will feel like giving up, going back home and becoming a dancer.

Well, for those of you that have two left feet and this is not an option, here are my top tips for surviving the Master's hardships:

  1. Get a calendar

    In the IHRM course most of the deadlines for the whole semester are announced within the first week. You do not want to remember that you have an assignment/ presentation one day before submission, so write everything down on your phone or planner and set reminders that will help you start preparing on time.

    You can also note down the numerous events that are taking place on campus and you may want to attend.

  2. Go to the library

    During my undergrad years I preferred studying at home. Being very outgoing, I found that every time I went to the library, I would speak with my friends or even random people sitting next to me, rather than studying. However, the University of Manchester offers so many amazing study spaces that has made me change my mind and habits. The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons is open 24/7 and is a very modern building with a variety of study rooms. Seeing so many other students study is very inspiring and helps you beat procrastination.

  3. Don't be afraid to ask for help

    Whether it is an assignment that confuses you, a bad grade that you want to improve or a personal problem that upsets you, do not isolate yourself and go through it alone. The University offers many supporting services from language and writing lessons to free counselling and psychological help. Speak to your lecturers, academic advisor or even your classmates/friends. I am sure that I would not have done so well in my statistics exam, if I had not discussed and revised for it with my classmates.

  4. Travel and have fun

    Studying in Manchester offers a great opportunity to travel in your free time. Tickets to other British or European cities are cheap and, somewhere in between the lectures and the deadlines, you will have the chance to make great memories with your new multicultural friends. But even if you do not take trips, make sure that you go out, exercise or do any activity that relaxes you and cheers you up.

    I always go to Whitworth Park and the Gallery in my study breaks to instantly feel calmer and refreshed.

    My tips for surviving the Masters year - Whitworth park

  5. Believe in yourself

    It may sound like a cliché but if you do not believe in your competence, nobody else will. Instead of thinking that you will fail, say to yourself that you can and you will do it. You got accepted so you deserve to be in the course as much as everyone else. After all, the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is not intelligence or resources, but the belief that they can make their goals happen.

    My tips for surviving the Masters year - with classmates