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My time in Manchester

Almost one-third of the master’s program has been completed, with exams and course workload in last couple months has been of immense pressure but the good part was the leisure of studying and giving open-book exams remotely.

Reflecting back, I feel really amazed and satisfied with the achievements, experiences, and learnings I have gained throughout the term. The study module was very flexible. With lectures recordings available, course discussion boards on the blackboard to post queries and get feedback from the course professors. Online remote exams were my first experience of such exams which sailed smoothly with enough preparation time, student support schemes, and leverage to give exams at my own pace.

So far living as an international student in the UK, I have thought of the things that every student should know prior to travel such as renting a property, packing accordingly to the weather, but also it is not mandatory too, as experiences teach you the best, just as for me. Before coming to the UK, I did not book any accommodation.

My friends and I planned to look for shared accommodation. Due to the visa process and travel restrictions, we had a delayed process, and by the time we reached Manchester majority of the accommodations, were rented. It was a hustle period we had to pass through. We stayed at Air BnB for a week. House hunting was not as easy as seemed to be. We had to miss lectures, travel to different places, and couldn’t settle down or unpack which was an added tension on our minds. Although we had success and by the end of October, we all were in our permanent accommodations. Though we had our luck in finding the place to live, I still regret, not getting the student accommodation because of the great life and fun we miss out on, due to this negligence.

Another aspect of staying in Manchester that I wish I had known about the weather here is like, it is more like I wasn’t mentally ready to accept such cold and uncertain weather. Coming from a southern region of extremely hot summers and mild dry winters, it was quite difficult to adjust at first as I had not brought enough warm clothes, but progressively I am well adjusted to this and in fact enjoying it.

It was a learning experience coming to a new place, navigating my way, experimenting, and trying new different things. I really enjoyed these phases as well, and I am glad that I learned them by experience rather than from the experiences of others.

Manchester has been one of the great cities so far. I have been to other places in the UK, like London, Edinburgh, and Liverpool. But the city of Manchester has totally different vibes. The city is filled with iconic places and other adventurous places to visit and have a great time while you are here. Also, Manchester has a lot of part-time job opportunities for students and many discounted promotional offers for students to avail.

The front of the National Football Museum in Manchester