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My time at Alliance MBS

After spending almost one year studying at Alliance Manchester Business School, I would say that I am really satisfied with my study. During this period, I not only gained useful knowledge for my future career but also soft-skills and invaluable life experiences. There are three points I would like to share regarding my positive experience in this essay, followed by an insight of MSc Management final project that I am currently working on at the moment.

First is about the university reputation. As you might already know, the University of Manchester is one of the top universities in the world (6th in the UK, 8th in Europe and 27th in the world based on QS Rankings 2019). The reputation does not lie: it means top quality study experience supported by cutting-edge technology and highly qualified lecturers. Having a degree from the University of Manchester surely gives me more opportunity for better career prospects and open many doors through its extensive graduate's network.

Second, the MSc Management itself is ranked as top 5th in the UK (QS Rankings 2019) and based on my own experience; everything I have gone through studying the program is very much satisfying, even exceeding some of my initial expectations. The subjects are fundamental, broad and extensive enough—not only covering the basic but also really complex cases in the business world. On top of that, the diversity among students, not just in terms of nationality but also degree background and work experiences equally contribute to an interesting mix of discussions in classes, seminars and group projects.

Third, living in Manchester is such an unparalleled experience. The city offers a great lifestyle, culture and nightlife without draining my pocket. With over 85,000 of its population are students, making friends is easy. As some of them are international students as well, I have broadened my network not just within the UK but also in other countries. It is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, pick up other languages and build friendships that last.

As promised, I would also share my summer semester, which mostly is spent working on my final project. MSc Management students are allowed to choose their preferences on the topics, ranging from Images of Organisation, Corporate Misconducts, Dignity at Workplace and Corporate Financial Analysis. All topics are equally interesting; however, I chose the Images of Organisation as I feel it is more related to my expertise and interest in sustainability and marketing. On top of that, the project also gives us an opportunity to build a project portfolio to showcase to future employers, so you may need to consider that if you are planning to study this degree program at the University of Manchester.