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My insights since the start of the semester

Hi guys it is me again, I have a lot to tell you!

Firstly, I would like to tell you about my studies, you might think it is boring, but let me tell you some insights that I got since the beginning of my semester.

Well, like all students I was excited about my course selection and I wanted to take all of them as the university has very interesting programs that attract your attention and you just cannot choose one! More than that, the modules were so good and I wanted to take extra credit, but the university is very caring about their students, and they said to me that unnecessary workload can cause stress and might affect my well-being, as all of the modules are very demanding, so I had to stick to three of them this semester and I am glad that I did that! Speaking about the modules, my professors are so passionate about their subjects, so I don’t need a cup of coffee before the lecture as they will give me enough energy by jumping and explaining the material. Before experiencing this I couldn’t imagine that lectures might be so fun!

I completely forgot that October is a spooky season, so everyone is excited about Halloween! For this occasion, Manchester prepares very carefully, by placing fluffy monsters all over the city and organising a different variety of events. We have a special atmosphere in the city with all these autumn vibes and Halloween decorations and it is really mesmerising to watch all of this while walking to the university campus.

Let me be honest with you, I have never celebrated Halloween by dressing up and going to a Halloween party, as in my home country Halloween is not as popular as here, but anyways what I wanted to say is that I was fully prepared for this year's celebration! I got a heavy blonde wig, you might ask me why “heavy” but because the wig was for the Rapunzel outfit, and I was so excited to wear it and my struggles with the wig paid off! The Halloween night was very scary, as you could see everyone on the street wearing crazy costumes, and even in the parks, people used to dress up as zombies and follow people, brrr.. Later that night my friends and I went to the International Society event where students came in wild costumes, you can see me in the picture with Mario! Overall it was one of the best events that I have attended and we are only in November! We will see what will happen later, but I will definitely update you guys.

See you in the next Blog!

Zhansaya Kenzhegariyeva Halloween party