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My favourite things about university in Manchester

As my four years in Manchester come to an end, I reflect on my favourite parts of being a student here.

The People

One of the best things about university is meeting so many new people, and Manchester being one of the biggest student cities in Europe does not disappoint. Manchester’s massive student community makes you feel instantly at home, especially around the student areas of Fallowfield and Withington. Additionally, the huge variety of societies to join means that it’s so easy to meet all sorts of different people and that’s what makes your university experience so amazing. Being open to new opportunities really enables meeting different people who will hopefully become friends for life!

The Choice of Things to do

After growing up in London, I was nervous that moving to a smaller city might not have as much to offer. However, in Manchester there is always something to do – whether it be exploring amazing food options or markets, to seeing live music at a jazz festival or a film as an arthouse cinema, there’s always a long list of things to do. Because Manchester is a big city, it means that there are always famous music artists touring, or the best events happening. A highlight of mine was seeing Kamasi Washington at the Albert Hall. I loved having such an amazing choice of activities every day of the week and always having something to look forward to. Plus, it’s often a lot cheaper than London which is an added bonus - £5 cinema tickets and £2.50 pints!!

The Independence

Within having the opportunity to meet so many different people and with so many options of things to do and see, university life in Manchester really allows you to find yourself and become truly independent. Exploring new interests and supplementing existing ones means you can develop yourself in such a flexible way. I loved the independence that being a student brought and it allowed me to really understand what I do and don’t enjoy. Often overlooked as a part of university, is the simple fact of moving away from home and ‘growing up’. The independence that being a student brings over the course of your degree really enables you to develop and grow as a person. Being able to balance your studies alongside a healthy social life and new friends brings a sense of achievement and purpose.

I have truly loved my 4 years in Manchester and will certainly miss being a student – as cliché as it sounds, it really is the best few years!

Two pictures from Amy wells showing a building and the inside of a cafe