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My Favourite Quarantine Fun Activities

Hi Everyone! There is no doubt that all of us have been on an emotional roller coaster lately due to the current pandemic. I hope all of you managed to adapt to the new rules and lifestyles and if you still struggle maybe this post will help you to find new activities that can inspire you. Here is my list of activities that I discovered in the past month.

Try out new recipes

I do not know about you but while procrastinating, usually I would watch cooking videos or I would scroll on Pinterest craving all of the super good looking food. What I tended to do was to save the posts on my phone and promise myself that “one day I will try to cook that”. With all the self-isolating time, here I am trying all of them and surprising my parents via video calls with my new ability.

Read inspiring news and join webinars

Everything is online and Zooming and Skyping are now such a normal part of our everyday lives. What I found myself doing is to continuously search for organisations that are spreading positivity and inspiring activities during the pandemic. For example, Forbes awarded students that are making a positive impact in their communities. I found the perfect time for me to follow them and observe inspiring people achieving great things. This is how I kept myself motivated across my own task :)

Try and workout

The Sport Volunteering Scheme at Manchester encouraged all of us to adopt a healthy lifestyle and presented how important it is to keep being active in a way or another. Their communications actually made me get into a routine of working out 20 mins (I know is not very much) every morning. Small steps is still progress right?

Time to de-clutter your room

How many times have you promised yourself that one day you will clean the house and make sure you have only the necessary things? Well seems like a good opportunity to put that on your To-Do List and actually do it!

Organise zooms and online game nights with friends

This is my favourite one! It started to be a routine and I just love it! Together with the Manchester Entrepreneurs 2018 Committee Members, we are meeting online and try to come up with a different game and play it for hours! It is very interactive and wonderful to see how we are connecting even if currently we are so far from each other. Try and gather your group of friends too and have some fun! Nothing can stop you having a good time!

I hope this was useful! Have a good time everyone and stay safe! :)