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My experience with the AMBS Postgraduate Careers Service

There comes a time in your student life when you start searching and applying for jobs, be it graduate schemes, internships or direct hires.

It is always beneficial to have someone else help you along the process and point you in the right direction. Luckily, as a student of the AMBS you will have access to the AMBS Postgraduate Career Services where you can go with any questions and doubts that you may have.

The first great concept that has been developed by the Career Services is the student networking sessions. Every other Wednesday we had the chance to network with other AMBS students that you might otherwise have not met and connect with them. This is a great opportunity to not only meet new people to connect with on Linkedin but also to find friends. However, what can happen sometimes is that it ends up being the same people who go to each of these, so do not be afraid to go and meet more people outside of these networking sessions! (Maybe by joining a society, going on trips, etc).

Another situation where the Career Services can come in handy is when they do career-focused sessions, for example, CV workshops, Mock Interviews or Mock Assessment Centre Days. This is a great option for you if you are unsure about any of these and need help or would like to attend and try out any of these before your real job interview or assessment days in order to practice and gain more confidence.

Lastly, if you have any specific questions about your CV, application process or even if you are unsure about what you want to do after university, you have the option of booking a 1-to-1 appointment. This provides a more targeted approach and will be dedicated to you only. This may be beneficial in case you have already done some interviews or assessment days and are not completely new to the process, but rather when you only need specific tips.

Don’t forget that as an AMBS student you have the benefit of not only using the AMBS Postgrad Career Services, but you can also take advantage of the university's main one that’s dedicated to all students.

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