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My experience of the BASM client-facing project

One unique aspect of the BASM program is the opportunity for a summertime client-facing project.

While students in the business school's other programs are writing theses, BASM students are buying professional work attire and working at client sites during the week providing advice to real companies. Not only is this unique to the school, but it is also a unique feature among all British universities. The opportunity and process has been a valuable part of the BASM experience.

The program offers three options for the summertime. Students can either write a thesis, consult for a company that has been provided by the university, or contact a company on their own and find an opportunity. Most of the students writing theses have jobs arranged that start in July or August. The thesis provides an opportunity to finish coursework quickly and start a job. For those completing the client-facing project, the project starts in early June and finishes at the end of August. Most of the program is completing a client-facing project.

The process of applying for the client-facing project was not too difficult. The career services team does a great job contacting companies, providing project briefs, and helping students apply for particular projects. After students apply, companies short-list potential candidates and then conduct interviews. In the end, everyone who needs a project ends up with a client. The companies ranged from small, quickly growing companies, to established international firms. The career services team also does a great job preparing students for client-facing projects. As soon as the course starts, the team starts offering CV advice, cover letter writing help, and LinkedIn suggestions. The team also arranges a number of helpful events throughout the year, such as project planning workshops, client management workshops, and trips to visit well-known companies like Google, Mastercard, and Phillips. Ultimately, the process was simple and a good learning experience.

We also had the opportunity to source our own project, which is what I did. If you want to work in a particular industry or for a particular company, sourcing your own project is an opportunity to get practical and relevant experience. A number of students are completing projects for companies they have worked for in the past or their own family businesses. For me, I intend to work in my hometown once I graduate, where there are a number of large textile and clothing companies. I met an executive at a clothing retailer based in Manchester and asked if there were any opportunities for a summer project. Ultimately, there were opportunities within the company, and hopefully, I will be able to use this experience on my resume for future job applications.

Manchester has a large and thriving business community. There are a number of companies that provide excellent opportunities for gaining practical consulting experience. The career services team does a great job sourcing projects that will be both interesting and engaging. If there is something particular you would like to do, Manchester's business community has excellent consulting opportunities for students. Ultimately, this adds to the unique experience of the BASM program.

My experience of the BASM client-facing project - Philips

My experience of the BASM client-facing project - Google