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Moving out of my comfort zone

My name is Hardika Gupta and I am from India. I am a postgraduate student of MSc Accounting and Finance at Alliance Manchester Business School. Follow my blogs for an insight into life as a student at Alliance MBS.

Be prepared, to walk a lot.
Be prepared, to step out of your comfort zone.
Be prepared, for all the transitions you are going to witness.
Be prepared, to live the decision you took.

Like many, I decided to move to a foreign land and pursue my studies. I got my visa, tickets booked and stuff packed. As the University of Manchester is one amazing part of this foreign land in itself, it opens the world to you.

Moving out of my comfort zone and transition from a close-knit family to living on my own was not easy. The transition from getting cooked food served, eating with people, siblings driving me to places, celebrating birthdays and festivals together to cooking my food, walking alone, taking city buses, and witnessing celebrations on video calls was very difficult.

But, believe me, when you take a pause and look around to admire the city and when you find yourself with the pool of opportunities you will feel blessed to be in this place.

I will be sharing the journey so on so forth but before that in this write up I would like to express how the first month was here and how I sailed through and what you can do in the first few weeks here.

The best piece of information about events and induction is the university's official site. Be informed, try and attend the maximum possible sessions and events. Take strolls to university, explore surrounding areas. The sooner the better you get familiar with places around.

Say Hi and Hello back to people you see in the corridor. Believe me, some smiles and small talks around will feed your happiness. For the first few weeks, try and make it an enriching experience, interacting with classmates and professors, indulging in group discussions and delivering group assignments.

Start small on the academics part, align an hour or two to go through your lessons. Choose library or study rooms to take up group studies, discuss lessons and read in peace. Infrastructure around the university is worth a gaze and all you need. Try to join a few communities that suit your skill and creativity level. Don't miss the trip to Brathay, it will give you a chance to make a few friends, try your hands on some amazing activities and give a picturesque view of the skill set you will need in the future.

I have volunteered in a Non- profit organization wherein, I have to mentor young people and create a safeguarding environment for them, so can you.

If you are ready to live a rollercoaster ride, then you are in the best adventure park around the world. Live the best year in the best business school, your best chance is here at AMBS.

Breathe, cheer, scream and take the best of lessons.

Hardika Gupta outside the University of Manchester

Looking out across the lake district