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Moving back to Columbus for the start of the second semester abroad

Saying goodbye to my family after three weeks home was sad but I am excited to move back to Columbus to start the second semester of my year abroad.

Throughout the first semester, I met so many new people from all over the world and travelled to places that I would have never gotten the opportunity to visit if I had never enrolled in my IMABS degree program. I have also learned a lot through enrolling in classes that I may have not gotten the opportunity to complete had I not went on my semester abroad such as customer relations management and employment law. The only thing I am apprehensive about going forward into the second semester is that the rest of my international friends that I had made throughout the first semester are returning back to their home institutions to complete their second semester and therefore will not be attending Ohio State anymore.

The months of December and January have always been stressful for me due to the amount of coursework and studying that I have carried out in previous years as exams are always held in January at the University of Manchester. This year was different as I had completed my exams prior to leaving for Christmas break; relieving some of my stress over the festivities. The start of the second semester means enrolling in new classes and meeting my new professors and classmates. Many of my previous classmates have graduated in December and have secured full-time positions which makes me nervous to think that will be me in a year and a half. Going forward into semester two I am excited to begin my new classes and learn new things. The classes I have chosen this semester range from HR Analytics to classes in Entrepreneurial Marketing classes; these classes interest me as I have never taken classes in subject areas like this before.