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As a travel enthusiast myself, I have been to more than 13 countries, including the USA, Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands.

I love learning histories, immersing myself in new cultures, and meeting new people (and making new friends of course!). Manchester, arguably the second largest city (or is it Birmingham? Apparently, you would get different answers from different people lol) in the UK, is rich in culture and history, but what I love and adore the most is the people here.

As someone who comes from a country that is known for its friendly people and who has experienced Japanese politeness and Dutch hospitality, I have never ever felt as welcomed and comfortable anywhere as in Manchester before. I have never expected people to be so helpful and warm-hearted to a foreigner like me. I mean sure I had a hard time picking up the new accent and speaking fluent English, but I have never felt frustrated or embarrassed because of this. The notorious Manchester weather proves not to deter people's kindness and patience to speak again or explain in detail for you (making sure you are alright and understand whatever conversations you're having). The cold and rainy November/December did not take away Mancunians' adorable smiles and their "See ya later, love". I am so grateful every day that I chose Manchester and that Manchester chose me.

I love how Mancunians respect each other's personal space and make sure you feel respected. I was utterly in awe when people step a step back and let me go through the door first, or said "sorry" to me when we walked past each other in a narrow aisle of Lidl. ( Is it chivalrous? I don't know, because it seems that both men and women have such respectful and thoughtful manner towards each other.) One would say such a gesture is politeness, but I perceive it as kindness. I learn new things every day from Mancunians, things that I wouldn't be able to learn from a textbook.

A diverse and inclusive city, Manchester fosters not only creativity but an understanding, accepting, and sympathetic nature in its people. That's why I love to interact and have small talk with Mancunians because I couldn't get enough of their hospitality and big warm smiles.