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Manchester's Students' Union

The university is well equipped with essential amenities and support needed by a student. But apart from the university facilities, the Student Union (SU) offers a lot of facilities for the students to take advantage of. An integral part of the university, the SU organizes frequent events and fairs for the students of the University of Manchester.

There is always something or the other happening inside the SU. Events like gigs, concerts, game nights, movie nights and fairs like book fairs, plant sales, charity fairs, part-time job fairs are some of the organised ones. The student union is only handled mostly run by the students which means the students have a lot of opportunities to engage in activities other than academics. Not to forget, the SU has plenty of food shops and caf├ęs, enough to suffice your lunch hunger.

The SU has its own website which keeps everyone updated about the activities and events happening in near future. All the bookings, membership payments can be done through the website. The website also has a JobShop, offering volunteering and part-time job options to the students. Thus, it becomes really easy for the students to network with fellow students and gets to know about the happenings around the city. The SU also provides exposure in multiple fields through different kinds of societies like culture and faith, sports, academics, arts & media etc. The societies have something of interest for all kinds of students.

The second floor of the SU has a beautiful social space where one can indulge in fun activities like playing board games and talking. The ground floor has a saloon which I believe is very cheap and a nice option for a haircut. Corridor coffee has nice drinks and beverages options (personally love Mocha Mondays!). The reception gives lateral flow test kits for free which is very convenient because you need to conduct a lateral flow test before being a part of most of the events.

One of the prominent societies in the student union is the International Society. It organizes weekly socials and weekend trips around the country frequently to decrease the cultural barrier between the students as most of the students in the university are international students and the purpose of the society is to make the international students feel at home.

I am also an active participant of the Indian dance society which actively organizes weekly dance practices. We are taught different Indian dance styles namely Bollywood and Classical. Enrolling to this society has helped me keep my passion for dance alive.