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Manchester in a nutshell

During my three years in Manchester, I couldn’t help but develop feelings for this place I once dreaded to come to. I remember when I first came to Manchester, everything felt so foreign to me especially coming from Hong Kong which has very different vibe and atmosphere to it, it was really difficult for me to adapt to the new environment.

However, after three years of studying at the University of Manchester, this once foreign city has now become a place I call home and I have created so much memories in this city that I will cherish forever. In terms of what I like about Manchester, it can generally be separated into the food, the culture and the school.


I think one of the things I was most worried prior to my study in Manchester was the food. Coming from Hong Kong, obviously the food is very different to Manchester since Asian food generally has a very distinct taste compared to western food. But to my pleasant surprise, the food in Manchester was extremely diverse. One of the standouts for me is the China town which I have been to probably more often than I should be eating out, but every time I go there to eat it just brings me back to Hong Kong and the food my parents cook for me. Apart from the Chinese food, there are also many Asian cuisines, such as Thai, Vietnamese,  Korean, Japanese, basically anything that you can name. I also got the opportunity to try out different western food as well, such as the classic English breakfast, Indian food, hamburgers, fish and chips, etc. I think the variety of choices will definitely be one of the major things I miss the most when I leave Manchester.


I think a very common perception and stereotype that Chinese students have when they come to the UK or Manchester is the culture disparity. I am for one a victim of this since I initially thought that it would be really challenging to get to know the people here in Manchester given the language barrier and the cultural difference. However, this was another aspect that completely took me by surprise since the people here were really open-minded and hospitable; throughout my three years of University life, not once did I feel unwelcome or discriminated against because of my background, everyone I have met has been so embracing and nice to me. I have formed many connections and relationships with different people here in Manchester that I will keep and build on in future years to come.


It goes without saying that University of Manchester has been the best University I could ask for to complete my Bachelors degree in. Apart from the top-notch education and knowledge I have received from studying here in the University of Manchester, the professors have also been great help in assisting me throughout all of my projects, problems and endeavours. I would especially like to thank my course director Ali and my academic advisor Pedro for helping me overcome the tough challenges I encountered in my three years in the University. Overall, I have made many fond memories and learnt many important life lessons in this institution that I will keep beside me in everything I do in the future.

chi chan